Everything starts with belief.

What we do, how we behave, what attitudes we display and even our “vibe” or culture — it all starts with the answer to the question, “what do we believe?”
So I’m glad you asked.  You’ll find our beliefs to be consistent with other Great Commission Baptists and linked here is the Baptist Faith and Message which is a summary with scripture references that covers everything from Scripture to the nature of God to our beliefs about the Church itself.
I invite you to go through the sections and take your time — dig deep.  But I would quickly add there is something else you need to know about SSBC.  We believe that Christianity is not just a set of beliefs.  We believe that our Faith must be lived out.  Our commitment to God through Jesus Christ is not just what we believe; it’s also what we do!
Do we do this perfectly?  Goodness no.  But everyday we’re working to commit our lives more deeply to Christ so that what we believe is more and more consistent with our actions.
If this meaningful challenge sounds like something you’re up to, then there’s a place for you here at Together Church.  Come join the family as we serve God together.
Pastor Doug