Dr. Michael J. Keppler

Retirement Announced. I announced my retirement at the end of the worship service, April 8th. Thank-you a thousand times for the opportunity to be your pastor these past 26 ½ years. I may have overstayed my welcome as some could say, but for me, it didn’t seem as long as it was! You have blessed me, Monique and our family beyond measure!

Recent Birthday. I have been told by a couple of close friends, “Pastors don’t retire!” However, I have another mentoring friend, Joe McKeever, who has said, “Don’t let anyone tell you that retirement is not in the Bible!” Then, Joe quotes Numbers 8:25 and how the priests stepped down from their responsibilities at fifty. I celebrated my 67th birthday this past weekend (April 7 th ) and feel that I have met that requirement by 17 years!

Timetable. I am offering this proposed timetable for stepping aside from the pastor’s duties and would like for my final Sunday to be June 24 th , our Community Celebration. July 1 will officially launch my retirement chapter. This will be a new beginning for the Keppler’s and Springfield Southern! You have my prayers and I welcome yours for this transition time.

A New Chapter. With a twinkle in my eye, I can say that while my plan is to vacate the pulpit, I do not plan to vacate the premises all-together! Monique and I may be gone on occasions ‘doing what retired people do!’ I promise that we will be looking for ways to serve alongside you in the days to come. I remain loyal to you and committed to our shared dreams for the future. Love to you all!

Sync Your Calendars with these events:

May 6 Quarterly Church Conference, 11:40 AM.
May 12 Men’s Pancake Breakfast (Children too!), 9:00 AM.

Coming This Summer…

June 18-21 Kids Bible Club, 6-7:30 PM, (N. Grand Av.).
June 24 Community Celebration Service, 10:00 AM (W. Washington).