A Community of Worshiping Servant Disciples of Jesus Christ.
  • A Community of Worshiping Servant Disciples of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Update

Please remember when arriving at church, that we keep our distance and not congregate in the foyer when arriving. Please use the hand sanitizer available at the door before entering the sanctuary.
We would request that our members and guests use recommended CDC face masks.
CDC does not recommend use of face shields only. If you wear a face shield you must also wear a face mask.
A Devotional from Pastor Doug

Whether you worshipped with us live last week (Aug 30th) or viewed the service online, you got to witness Lee Jacob’s baptism.

It was an exciting time, but I wanted to just tell you a bit of the “back story.” Lee is Dale Emerson’s cousin and Dale provides an extraordinary amount of care and encouragement for Lee. If you were with us in person, you probably noticed several other family members who traveled and made a special effort to be present for Lee. And even though the church purchased him a printed Bible, his family members pitched in a bought him an audio Bible so he could follow along more easily.

Why am I telling you these details? The answer is in the sermon that followed. In Luke 5, we’re told about an exciting event where Jesus performed a healing miracle. That in itself is not that unusual — Jesus often did this. What’s unusual is that four friends actually took a paralyzed man, moved back roof tiles and together lowered this man right in front of Jesus. That’s how convinced they were that Jesus could help him!

This baptism — and the salvation it represents — didn’t occur all by itself. The Emersons, family members, and others within the church encouraged Lee and quite literally brought him in front of Jesus for the help (salvation) he needed!

For those of us in this faith community who know Jesus already, what are we personally doing? How are we — INTENTIONALLY — loving others enough that we bring them before Jesus? How are we sharing the Gospel in our outreach, our consistent personal presence, and witness about Jesus.

Neither the Emersons nor the friends in Luke 5 “phoned it in.” They didn’t just tell this man where to find Jesus. They actually did what was necessary to bring him. Even when it was tough. Even when it was risky. Still, they loved him enough to introduce him to the Creator, Savior, and Healer of our lives.

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