Dr. Michael J. Keppler

It’s officially winter! How do I know that other than what the calendar tells me? Yes, we entered this season on December 21 st , but what else reminds of this time of the year? Well, there are the up and down temperatures. For a few days we experience a spring-like forecast with days in the forties and even fifties. But then suddenly it all changes and we are plunged into below freezing temperatures with dangerous wind chills. It’s a bit hard to take! We have lived here long enough to hear it said that if you don’t like the weather, just wait, your preference is on the way! The weather in central Illinois is like a roller coaster ride at times.

All that’s in the news is weather! I had a friend several years ago who had moved from a larger city into our area. He soon commented about one of our local television stations, “All they talk about is the weather!” I think this is true. We use it as an opening discussion starter with family and friends. We complain. We anticipate event cancelations. We get the sniffles and we use the weather as our excuse. What would life be like if we didn’t have the weather?

I visited San Diego a few years ago and experienced their near perfect weather. On the average, they have 266 days of sunshine with the annual average temperature of 70 for the high and 60 or so for the low. I said to my family, I could be a weather man out here and hit the mark within 3 degrees as my weatherman boasts back home! While I don’t think I would miss the roller coaster temps and all the talk about the subject if I should move out west, I wonder!

I envy Paul’s spirit when he said, “I have learned to be content.” I wonder if he had had the Weather Channel in his life, would it have changed his perspective? I think not. It seems that he wasn’t focused on his comfort, but rather on his commission. He had so much to do in his service for Christ, he didn’t have time to complain about his circumstances. I’m praying that God will keep us so busy serving Christ and His church that we don’t even realize that each day of winter gets us one more day closer to spring!

Join us for worship as we study the book of 1 Peter together. Our Winter Bible Study theme is Living as Strangers!