Dr. Michael J. Keppler

Fall is here! We are just days into this new season and the Autumnal Equinox of September 22nd is now in our rearview mirrors. With the warm temperatures, it still feels like summer! But, the draught conditions of recent months have triggered dormancy in everything green and we know that the leaves will soon fall from our trees signaling nature’s next cycle. It’s the dryness and dormancy that I am most concerned about. What impact will this have on the lawns, the perennials, the trees, and especially, the yields on corn and soybeans?

Dormancy isn’t a good sign! Believers can ill afford to allow spiritual dormancy to take over their lives. And it happens incrementally… we miss a few Sundays of worship, we let down in our giving, we distance ourselves from our church friends, and the next thing we know, the devil has distracted us with the usual busyness of everyday things. We make excuses, but the spiritual dryness and dormancy isn’t harmless.

Our Lord reminds us in His Word to stay connected to Him and to each other. “I am the vine, you are the branches and you can do nothing without me! Let’s not give up meeting together!” (John 15:5, Hebrews 10:25) Why are we warned in these ways? God knows how tempting it is to neglect our spiritual well-being!

Special and enriching studies are on-going. Don’t miss out! Adult Bible Study classes are studying ways to battle the devil’s dark side. The worship series from Mark’s Gospel is compelling all believers to Get into Action! This is no time to let down! Instead, let’s charge forward and battle on! See you on the Lord’s Day as we renew our spiritual lives together!

Sync with the event schedule…

October 15 Heartland Baptist Network Annual Meeting, 3 PM
October 22 Fall Festival, New Location: W. Washington. Time: 4-7 PM.
Grilled hotdogs, s’mores, recreation, hay-less wagon ride and more!
October 29 2018 Budget Discussion, 11:40 AM