Dr. Michael J. Keppler

June 25th Community Celebration. During this fifth year of “going west,” we will finally be able to utilize our own green space!! Yes, we now have “green space!” A few months back, we planted five acres of grass on our Bradfordton Road and West Washington property so that we could use it for worship and recreation events. The grass has been growing with the help of heavy spring rains! We will be cutting about two acres to allow for the set-up of our large tent, two bounce houses, and on-site parking during the annual 10:30AM Celebration Sunday, June 25.

As with previous years, there will be worship under the tent. The Worship Team and the Kids Club Choir will be singing, we’ll observe the Lord’s Supper, have a special children’s sermon and family message on the future, and follow it all up with a complimentary meal of grilled burgers and hotdogs. And the children will enjoy two inflatable bounce houses for play!

A prayer specialist of our day once said, “There is a certain insight in being on-site!” We have been going out near our property for five consecutive years and we get a blessing each time we do. We visualize what it is going to be like one of these days when we are able to build our first-phase, multi-use building for worship and community connection events. We can see how the 21 acres of land can be used for recreation: sports’ fields, walking paths around beautiful trees, and a picnic and fellowship pavilion. These are but a few of our dreams!

Sync with the event schedule…

June 4 Graduate’s Day
June 19 – 22 Kids Bible Club. Location: N. Grand. Time: 6-7:30 PM.
Ages: Children, 4 years – Youth, 14 years. Theme: Galactic Starveyors!
June 25 Community Celebration. Location: West location. 10:30 AM.